Lesson in patience

October 15, 2013

Faith has not felt well over the last few days.

That means that she is moving a bit slower. She’s a bit quieter.

It also means that I’m not quite as fast to jump up when she does because chances are she’s not getting into anything.

So yesterday, when she walked to the kitchen, I let her go by herself.

I heard her little shuffling feet…shuffle…shuffle…stop.

I heard a cupboard open. Usually at this point I would get up to see what she was up to and see if she needed help. This time, I decided to wait.

“Faith, do you need some help?”

“Nope.” Okay….patience. 

I heard plastic being knocked over.

“Everything all right?”


I heard plastic hit the counter. (A cup? I think that’s a cup.)


I heard the refrigerator open.

“Can I help you with anything?”

“No.” She does need help….I need to go help….but she said no…..patience.

I heard glass clinking, pretty sure I heard a few things being knocked over.  

I heard something plastic collide with the door. I heard a small splash. I heard the sound of a pitcher thunked on the counter. Another splash. Arrrggghhhhh…..need to help, must not help, need to help

“Everything ok in there?”


Splash. shuffle…shuffle…..

Heard the fridge open. Clink. Splash. Thunk. Clink.

Fridge shut.

….need to help, must not help, need to help….


Faith rounded the corner holding a cup.

“Mommy! I did it all by myself!!!!”

So glad I didn’t help.

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1 Shanon October 15, 2013 at 4:39 pm

That is awesome! I’m proud of you for not helping, and I hope whatever she spilled wasn’t too hard to clean up. :)


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